A coworking community
of self-starters
doing work that matters.

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WeSallyForth's Mission

Share workspace, ideas, and connections with like-minded freelancers, solopreneurs, founders, makers, and do-ers.

Sustain quality creative output via our baked-in culture of wellness. When you love what you contribute to the world, burning the candle at both ends is no longer an option.

The Story

Kat started two (ad)ventures in the same year. 🚀 🚀

As a solopreneur, she noticed co-work options in SF were mostly limited to a) expensive, impersonal spaces designed for teams or b) cafe-hopping all over the city. 🤔

She found them sorely lacking in coziness and connection. 😞

And often struggled to find a healthy, reasonably-priced lunch.❓😳❓

So, she started working from home. That led to loneliness and some unhealthy habits. 😨

It got her thinking of another way. Over lunch, Juliana said she’d love to create a new kind of co-working option, to co-exist with her co-living community. 🎯

Together, they set out to create a community of people who sally forth to take creative risks. 💥

You're welcome to get your brave butt in here. 🍑 ➡️ 🏡



WeSallyForth members are:

  • Creative

  • Generous

  • Contributors

  • Solution-oriented

  • Good vibes

  • Intentional

  • Self-managing

  • Well (in Mind-Body)

  • Purpose-driven

  • Insightful

  • Changemakers

  • Resourceful

  • “Yes, AND!”


The Space

01. Features And Amenities

  • 3,000 sq/ft

  • ground and basement floor

  • 2 large decks overlooking downtown and Potrero

  • backyard with lots of natural light and a hot tub (currently under construction)

  • 1 full bathroom on each floor

  • access to: 16 chairs; one 8-person table; one 4-person table; 4 couches


  • great natural light

  • floor to ceiling windows

  • kitchen stocked with coffee, tea, nourishing food

03. The second Floor

  • meeting room for small in-person and virtual meetings


Kat Koh


I’m a community lover/builder, and a career coach for creative people.

In addition to cultivating WeSallyForth with clear eyes and good vibes, I previous built community for Seth Godin’s altMBA and project insecurities onto my cat.



Juliana Lopker


I’m a community lover/builder, techie/teacher/learner, and always growing. I’ve been working as a programmer and teacher for 5+ years, most recently trying out the gig economy supporting companies I care about (see Embassy Network and GreaterThan).

I’m about building communities that nurture and empower. A year ago I started a little co-living community called DeWinton Manor (conveniently, also the home of WeSallyForth!).




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